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Camillo Ricordi, MD, Stacy Joy Goodman Professor of Surgery, Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, and Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Miami (UM), Florida, where he serves as Director of the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI; and the Cell Transplant Center. Ricordi has been serving as Head of the NIH funded cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) Advanced Cell and Biologic Product Manufacturing Facility (1993-present), for research and clinical applications at UM, in the US and worldwide. Dr. Ricordi is a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, USA. He is a member of the Italian Supreme Council of Health. Dr. Camillo Ricordi is recognized as a world leader in immunotherapy, cell replacement therapy and islet cell transplantation. He has a vast experience in cellular therapies and has led and participated a number of clinical trials in patients with Type 1 Diabetes, conducted over the last 30 years. Dr. Ricordi will oversee, steer, and manage the overall direction of this study, will be accountable for key tasks and study deliverables. Dr. Ricordi will lead a team of investigators at the University of Miami – Miller School of Medicine.
Trought, Prof. Camillo Ricordi provides diet and supplements education and management consultations. Unlike a medical doctor, fit4pandemic services are not considered to be the practice of medicine. Fit4pandemic role is to supplement, not replace, the services normally provided by your physician/medical providers. Signing this form means that you understandand agree that working with is not a replacement for the medical care and treatment you need to manage your health condition.

Any person working with is considered the ‘Participant.’ gives the Participant suggestions regarding nutrition, exercise, healthspan, lifestyle, sleep, emotional health, and supplements. does not prescribe or dispense any medications., and Prof Camillo Ricordi, cannot be held responsible for any health problems or complications that may arise as a result of the Participant’s decision to implement any changes in Participant’s health regimen.

Potential Risks: If the Participant chooses to accept suggestions, making adjustments to insulin or other medicinal, may cause hypoglycemic reactions, coma, and/or death; or may cause hyperglycemic reactions, diabetic ketoacidosis, and/or death. Allergic reactions to prescribed herbs or supplements, although rare, may occur. Aggravation of pre-existing conditions is also a possibility.

Potential but not guaranteed benefits of working with Improving the healthspan. Less high and low blood sugars. Improved nutrition, exercise consistency, better sleep, improved moods. Reduction of risk of long-term complications related to diabetes, virus or bacterial infections. More energy and lighter moods. Healthier in mind, body, and spirit.

Notice to Pregnant Woman: All female Participants must formally advise personnel if they know or suspect that they are pregnant, given the unique needs of pregnant women.

The Participant is advised to consult their physician/medical providers in order to obtain medications recommended by their physician/medical providers prior to implementing any of Fit4Pandelic’s suggestions. Working with means that the Participant is seeking advice because of the Participant’s desires to a) have a healthspan opinion and suggestions, b) assume greater responsibility for their health, and c) have greater involvement in their treatment. Whether the Participant decides to follow or reject Fit4Pandelic’s suggestions is entirely left to the discretion of the Participant. The Participant’s actions are not the responsibility of or of Camillo Ricordi. If the Participant decides to not accept recommendations made by the Participant’s conventional physician/medical provider, the consequences of such decisions are a solely that of the Participant’s and or Camillo Ricordi are not responsible for any actions taken by the Participant. The Participant agrees to keep Fit4pandemic informed of therapy changes made by their physician/medical providers.

You hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Fit4Pandemic and Camillo Ricordi from any and all damages, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) which you may incur arising out of or related to Fit4Pandemic’s recommendations. In addition, the undersigned will not hold Fit4Pandemic and Camillo Ricordi, accountable for the use or performance of medical devices used, including but not limited to blood glucose meters, insulin pumps and related software.

I understand that a record will be kept of the discussions I have with Fit4Pandemic. This record will be kept confidential and will not be released to others unless so requested by me, or my representative, or otherwise permitted or required by law. Fit4Pandemic will not share information about you or your medical background with anyone, including your family, employers, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, medical product manufacturers and market research companies, without your prior authorization. By using the services, you agree to allow to communicate with you via email , chat, or other communication channels. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone based on ethical, professional and sound business practices.

Chat with our Fit4Pandemic Intelligent Assistant is the preferred form of communication. By using our services and compiling any Fit4Pandemic’s form, you are acknowleging that you are aware that chat or email with a NON-HUMAN Assistant is not a HIPPA approved means of communication and thus you are also aware and accept that any medical information you share over email is not being shared over a HIPPA approved platform.

I understand that I am free to withdraw my consent and to discontinue participation in working with Fit4Pandemic at any time. With this knowledge, I voluntarily consent to the above, realizing that no guarantees have been given to me by Fit4Pandemic Intelligent Assistant or Fit4Pandemic’s staff regarding any aspect of my current or future condition.

In choosing to follow Fit4Pandemic’s advices, I release from liability and waive my right to sue Fit4Pandemic or/and Camillo Ricordi, her employees, officers, volunteers and agents from any and all claims, including claims of negligence, resulting in any physical injury, illness (including death) or economic loss I may suffer or which may result from my discussions and interactions with Fit4Pandemic services.